E-Waste Recycling Perth

Perth Business Relocations offer several ways for you to dispose of any unwanted electronic items.

It is our strategy to ensure a high level of commitment to good environmental guidelines throughout our business activities.

It is our intention to develop this policy by minimising the production of waste, through good purchasing practice of materials used throughout the business and reuse and recycle materials whenever practical to do so.

To help ensure we give proper consideration to our environmental and waste management responsibilities and to assist in the minimisation of waste and the recycling of materials wherever practicable, systems and procedures will be implemented to encourage the recycling of material with a view to minimizing the overall levels of waste we produce. All staff are expected to abide by the following procedures and co-operate with management in the execution of this policy.

All unwanted electrical items we can take to the Perth e-waste recycling centre. For all your old IT equipment, we can arrange for a full wipe of data and provide a certificate of recycling.

All unwanted metal we can take to the metal recycle centres.

All grades of wood except MDF we can take to a wood recycling centre.

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