Sequential Packing

Our equipment and experience will guarantee your belongings, files remain in order and ready to be accessed when you arrive at your new site, or accessed in transit if need be. 

A sequential move is the relocation of books, files or spare parts that must be moved in alpha and or numerical order which is crucial for businesses such as spare parts distributors or libraries.  

These types of businesses need to be able to find small or large parts or other items, so they can continue to service their customers straight away once in the new workplace. This type of packing and unpacking takes a lot of skill and planning to ensure it is done correctly so unpacking at the other end is as quick and easy as possible

We have a great deal of experience with sequential packing and understand what it takes to pack items in a specific order, relocate and unpack in that same order -  straight onto the shelves of the new office site. 

All with the goal of making life easier for our customers and ensuring minimal downtime or disruption to your business during a relocation!

For more information about our sequential packing services, contact us today by sending an enquiryemailing us at or calling on 1300 193 353.

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