Mini Skip Bin Hire Perth

Perth Business Relocations offers different ways to dispose of any unwanted items, from general rubbish to large office items. Our priority is to ensure a high level of commitment to environmental guidelines throughout our everyday business activities.


If required, Perth Business Relocations can provide large green 660L mini skip bins for hire. These can be used to dispose of any unwanted documents folders and for general office use while your staff are packing up their work areas.

These bins are on wheels for easy moving within your office and fit through a standard door. Once the bin is full we come back and swap it for an empty one, making getting rid of your general rubbish very simple!

We can also arrange the delivery of special security bins for any confidential documents and folders requiring shredding or destroying.

660l bins on wheels

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Reusing unwanted office items is always our first option. Perth Business Relocations has contacts at various charities in Perth who are often willing to take unwanted office furniture.


Most customers see this as a last option as do we. When we must, we use only approved and registered waste centres where staff adhere to our Occupational Health and Safety Standards. Perth Business Relocations will always do our very best to limit what goes to landfill to minimise ours and our customers environmental footprint.  We can also ensure that wood and metal recycling are utilised before these items go to landfill. 


We aim to minimise the production of waste in our everyday practices through good purchasing practice. We also reuse and recycle materials whenever practicable to do so.

To help ensure we give proper consideration to our environmental and waste management responsibilities and to assist in the minimisation of waste wherever possible, systems and procedures are implemented to encourage the recycling of material with a view to minimizing the overall levels of waste we produce. All of our staff are expected to abide by the procedures outlined in our waste minimisation policy.