Packing & Unpacking

Packing and unpacking is an additional service we offer our customers.  Perth Business Relocations understands that while staff are more than likely want to pack up their own workspaces, there are plenty of other communal business areas that require packing such as kitchens, stationery cupboards, meeting rooms and warehouse spaces etc.

Our confident staff are efficient in packing office items so that they are in order and will be transported without any damage. 

We can also unpack at the new office if given instruction where to place the items.  We have experience in sequential packing to ensure that unpacking at the other end is as easy as possible and that, if needed any important items can be accessed during the move.

We have all of the necessary packing material and moving equipment to ensure your belongings are moved in the safest possible way and always come prepared to moves to avoid any unnecessary stress for our customers.

For our customers undertaking their own packing, we provide all the packing supplies needed including crates, labels, various sized moving boxes and packing tape.  We can also provide security tags, bubble wrap and so forth.

For more information about our packing and unpacking services, contact us today by sending an enquiry, emailing us at or calling on 1300 193 353.

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