We understand that IT is at the centre of every business and that no one can operate without their IT equipment to support the functioning of everyday operations. 

This makes IT and technology the most important aspect of every business move and we always ensure relocating IT resources is undertaken with the greatest priority, care and organisation.

Perth Business Relocations is experienced in relocating IT equipment and meeting critical deadlines to ensure minimal disruptions to these services during the move.  We have dedicated staff and equipment to assist businesses in moving IT resources, which can complement the skills of existing IT personnel.

We work closely with your IT Department to determine the specific requirements of moving your business’ IT and technology.  Our team is capable of managing the less complex components of relocating IT equipment, including an additional disconnect and reconnect service (which can often be the most time-consuming element of an IT move), and ensuring all systems are safeguarded so that your IT department can get on with the more intricate tasks during the office move.  Perth Business Relocations can provide full cable management if required, pre-install of new IT and screen mounting to arms. We can also provide services to decommission and decant server racks of all sizes, reinstall and recommission at the new premises and full IT e-recycling at very competitive rates.

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